Resurrection Power (Full Album)

Resurrection Power Cover  web .jpg
Resurrection Power Cover  web .jpg

Resurrection Power (Full Album)


Album runtime: 55:08

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Track Listing
1. Eternal Thunder – 5:20
2. Resurrection Power – 8:34
3. No Matter the Malady – 5:51
4. We Release the Substance of the Kingdom – 3:36
5. Angels of Healing Move – 3:01
6. Come Walk in the Whirlpool – 2:58
7. Taste & See That the Lord is Good – 3:58
8. We Are Healed by the Blood of the Lamb – 7:09
9. The Heavenly Anthem – 4:48
10. Floating in the Deep – 3:05
11. Healing Rain – 6:47


Recorded Live at Navigation Church in Collinsville, IL
June 20, 2014

Jamie Fitt, Karen Burris, Kingsley Walker, Kay Crawford, Kylene Alsip, Annette Birdsong, Randy Webb, Saundra Corner, Sylvia Gast, James Nesbit, Steve Bell, Therese Thurston, Diallo Prather, Isaac Nesbit, Andrea Talamantes

Electric Guitars
Jonathan Fitt, Tim Hightower, JD Russell

Acoustic Guitar
Jamie Fitt

Isaac Nesbit, Steve Bell, Jonathan Fitt, George Adamson

Bass Guitars
Doug Dietsch, Mark Crowe

Michael Bartula

Steve Shoaf, Chris Sharpley, James Nesbit, George Adamson, David Munoz

Recording and Mixing
Steve Bell

James Kevin Burkhardt

Executive Producer
James Nesbit