Names of God

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Names of God web.jpg

Names of God


This song is available for download.  The song runtime is 1:54.

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Recorded at Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando, FL
Music and Lyrics - James Nesbit, Steve Bell
Vocals - James Nesbit, Brian Wing (Hebrew), Cindy Perez (Spanish), Brad Hopp (Russian), Hyang Sook Kim (Korean), George Mamboleo (Swahili)
Keyboards - Steve Bell

You’re the Lion of the tribe of Judah
The Almighty God
You’re the King of Glory
You’re the Strong Fortress
You’re the Lord of Lords
You’re the King of Kings
Hope of Israel
You’re the Ruler of the Universe
The Lord, Strong and Mighty
Holy, Holy, Holy
Lord, You are the Redeemer
Everlasting Father
You’re the Ancient of Days