Unlocking the Sound of the Sons of Yahweh (Full Album)

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Quantum CD Cover F .jpg

Unlocking the Sound of the Sons of Yahweh (Full Album)


Album runtime: 1:39:47 (1 hr, 39 mins)

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CD 1:
1.We Are the Sons of Yahweh – 7:20
2.We Are Holy – 20:33
3.Resting in Shalom – 12:00
4.Immersed in the Eternals – 14:09

CD 2:
One Voice, One Sound, One Song 
1. Movement One: Voice of the Elders – 11:33
2. Movement Two: Sound of the Throne – 13:31
3. Movement Three: Song of Eternity – 20:51

Recorded Live at Son Life Church in Collinsville, IL
June 4-8, 2013

Guitars – Jamie Fitt, Jonathan Fitt, Lee Spivey, Tim Hightower

Bass Guitar – Mark Crowe

Flutes – Steve Shoaf

Keyboards – Kingsley Walker, Isaac Nesbit, George Adamson, Randy Webb, Steve Bell, Jonathan Fitt

Drums – Kameron Walker

Percussion – Steve Shoaf, Chris Sharpley, John Ekstedt, Bunny Warlen, George Adamson, David Munoz

Vocals – James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt, Kingsley Walker, Randy Webb, Sylvia Gast, Carolyn Williams, Lisa McFarland, Therese Thurston, Matthew Reames, George Adamson, Calley Russell, Andy Leong, David Munoz, Steve Bell, Isaac Nesbit

Recorded and Mixed by Steve Bell

Mastered by James Kevin Burkhardt and Carl Dennis – Protosound Designs & The CADSound

Executive Producer – James Nesbit