The enemy wants to hit you so hard with trauma that darkness is all you can see. He does this so he can own the light of your family tree.

His plan is to keep you focused on the wound, to keep you in hatred of the one from whom the affliction came. He wants you to exist as the victim.

He does this to individuals, families, communities, and he takes great pride in his ability to enslave whole people groups, causing them to live in the prison of wounds for generations. 

There is only one way out of this maze of darkness and brokenness – through the light of mercy the blood has purchased. This light pierces the web of lies formed in the darkness of woundedness that we have received as truth. 

This trauma and the chains it has produced were never apart of original intent! So today, through the blood of the Son, we released the light of eternal truth into all those whose eyes find this post! We bless the gate of every cell to open wide in any of those who have been imprisoned in the fear that trauma has produced: lift up your heads and receive the supernatural strength the blood has purchased! We decree Jubilee! Thank You Father for a holy invasion into every wounded bloodline and family tree.

Posted on August 3, 2015 .