Lighting of the Candle?

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Located near the Ferguson, Missouri City Hall is a sculpture of a St. Louis 250-year celebration cake with "Spirit of St. Louis" written on it.  It is on the railroad depot site, which was a hub built in 1885 to launch travelers to St. Louis and other cities.

The cake also displays a train, which ties into a prophetic word Chuck Pierce delivered about the Awakening Train June 18, 2014 at the Tribe Quantum Gathering in Collinsville, IL:

"Here is what God spoke to me tonight when we came in here and started worshipping....

He showed me that St. Louis would become the dividing line of America. I don’t know fully what that means of course, but when you are prophetic you don’t have to. You don’t have to know what it means, you just say it and let God work it out.  Somebody just has to say it. So this area now (when I say St. Louis), in the Bible it was called the Decapolis. They would have ten key cities around. It wouldn’t be just St. Louis.  There would be ten surrounding cities in the region that made up what God was doing, and so that this would become the dividing line…  

And the Lord said this was the place in America where He would divide soul and spirit. Where all of a sudden a new spiritual awakening would arise, and in that spiritual awakening there would be sounds of harvest that have never been released in through the portal into America from Heaven, and these sounds would begin to divide asunder the wheat and the tares.

"...This becomes this area, this Decapolis in America, becomes the dividing line where the sound of Heaven can enter in and start separating wheat and tares for the future. And the Harvest begins tonight!"

Chuck continued to convey:

“But the first prophetic word He ever spoke to me was: ‘There is a train coming down from Heaven that will bring awakening, and this train cannot be stopped.’ I have had that word in a notebook since 1976. So when you came up with that picture, I said I’m connected into it. Because that’s when we are going to talk about the train, and that’s where the train’s getting birthed and that’s what’s going to happen, I’m going to jump on it. Say you’re going to jump on it also. Do you see what I’m talking about? … I didn’t see that word until you (James Nesbit) drew that word. And all of a sudden I heard God say, ‘What has been postponed is now.’

“...But it is a portal where this train of “Awakening” is coming in. It’s filled with glory, it’s fast, it’s accelerating. Its sound is very sleek. It’s got an ability to go through very narrow places. Narrow places don’t stop this train. It just goes through, it because it’s a well oiled train. And every time now we move in the sound that God is bringing, this train starts moving closer, and closer, and moving through.

“...Now hear what I’m saying to you. That means for this season, at this place, in this portal, at this time, God says, ‘I’m realigning the sound of Heaven. And I’m going to cause a dividing line to come down and start dividing in this nation the wheat and the tares. I’ll do it in states. I’ll do it in counties. I’ll do it in cities. I’m going to cause my Judah people to arise.’ “

Awakening light BE! Father, through the Blood of the Son, expose the heart and motive of everyone who touches the incident in Ferguson, be they local or national. We release the plumb line of of Your eternal justice. Light the candle, and release wind of awakening into every bloodline and family tree. - James Nesbit

Please let us know what Father reveals to you as we pray into this. I am so grateful for the gift of Chuck D. Pierce, whose prophetic gift has been proven very accurate time and time again.

Posted on August 19, 2014 .