Kingpins, Part II

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Kingpin |ˈkiNGˌpin|

  • a main or large bolt in a central position

  • a vertical bolt used as a pivot

  • a person or thing that is essential to the success of an organization or operation: the kingpins of the television industry

  • the leader of a crime syndicate or organization

  • the ruler of any 'game'. ie. drug game, rap game, crime game

In Africa, when a tribal chief comes to Christ, whole tribes get saved as well.

Every bloodline has patriarchs and matriarchs; satan has ruled families through dominant leaders by keeping them in darkness and using their light to power his kingdom for generations.  He has long feared the awakening light that is upon us now.  He has seen awakening outbreaks in the past, but he has never experienced nothing like the Blood-bought light in the awakening winds that are blowing now!

One of the characteristics of this great, great, great awakening is whole blocks of people coming out of darkness as the light of Blood-covered mercy (which deals a death blow to the pride of man) visits kingpins and those they rule and covers the earth as waters cover the sea.

The sound of governmental worship releases violent light, and the gates of hell cannot stand against it! At this year’s Tribe Quantum Gathering, I noticed that so much light was being released all around us that it forced things that had been hiding in the shadows to come to a head.  Some would say all hell was breaking loose – yes, that is correct, because the light of heaven was crashing in! So the captives of darkness were being confronted with light; nothing is hidden from Him with whom we have to do!

In actuality all hell breaks loose because all of heaven has broken in! The enemy’s kingdom suffers violence, and violent worshippers take it by force. People in territories are forced to choose light or dark. The release of the light of blood-bought mercy through worship is the key; our response to those awakened by this eternal light snatches another kingpin from darkness and freedom comes to entire bloodlines in the twinkling of an eye!

Father, through the blood of Your Son, we release the light of Your Blood-purchased mercy into the atmosphere of every kingpin so they can see to choose the highest and the best for those who surround them and are influenced by his or her leadership! We say, grace, grace, grace! We call you out of the delusion of darkness into the awakening light of original intent. We bless your entire bloodline to awaken this day!

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Posted on July 9, 2014 .