The Awakening Train

On June 18th at our annual Tribe Quantum Worship Congress, Chuck Pierce released the following revelatory insight regarding the awakening train:

My kingdom is going to advance with violence – that word is linked with sound. It's going to advance with violence in a way that can't be stopped.
The first prophetic word God ever gave me was, “There is a train coming down from heaven that will bring awakening, and this train cannot be stopped!” I have had that word... in a notebook since 1976.  When you came up with that picture, I said, “I am going to connect into it!"
Do you realize how many years that it has been before I could see that word come into picture form? I carried that word, I talked about that word, I’ve taught that word before, then I just sort of left that word, but, I didn’t see that word until you drew that word.  Then all of a sudden God said, “What has been postponed is now!”
Once you give your life over to the glory, all you are doing is looking for a manifestation of everything you hear. You have to look for the sound that you are hearing. You have to look for the sound; you have to look for a manifestation of what God is speaking.
That’s what the portal looks like right now, it’s not a portal just where angels are ascending and descending.  It is a portal where this train of awakening is coming in!  It's filled with glory, it's fast, it's accelerating.  Its sound is very sleek; it's got an ability to go through very narrow places.  Narrow places do not stop this train! It just goes through, because it is a well-oiled train.
And every time now we move in the sound that God is bringing, this train starts moving closer and closer and moving through. Then God positions us and says, "Now you’ve got to grow.  The testings you've been going through are now going to bring enlargement to you."

-Chuck D. Pierce   6/18/14
Tribe Quantum Worship Congress 2014, Collinsville, IL

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Posted on July 15, 2014 .