Aluminum Prints

We are pleased to offer high-quality aluminum prints featuring our images.  These prints look fantastic!  Because of the printing process, these aluminum prints end up looking the closest to how they appear on James' computer as he designs them.  The prints almost look backlit, with the colors popping off of the metal.  Each print comes with a "float" wall mount already attached to the back, making them easy to hang.  The prints are water, scratch, and UV resistant, making them a high-quality, durable, and beautiful addition to any art collection.

(Watermark not present on final image - backlighting only available on 24x36 with sound option)

(Watermark not present on final image - backlighting only available on 24x36 with sound option)

We are also very pleased to offer 24 x 36 aluminum prints with revolutionary new Soundwall technology.  This exciting new option utilizes ground-breaking omni-directional speaker technology to fill a room with sound, all emanating from your print!

The image, which has speakers built in behind it, is controlled by an app on your smartphone – it can be connected to Pandora, Spotify Premium, YouTube, or stream music from your phone via Bluetooth (smartphone or computer with Bluetooth required for use).  Music can be controlled gesturally (as seen in the photo) – tapping the bottom of the image will pause/play or skip tracks.

The print also comes with LED mood lighting strips running around the back, causing the print to glow as it sits on the wall.  The color of these lights can be changed via the app.  Built-in sensors also allow the image to "pulse" light when you walk by.

Power outlet required (cord comes out of back – if installed over an outlet, the image appears as above.  If not, the power cord will be visible).



Vinyl Banners

Banner Image web.jpg

We currently offer three styles of vinyl banners – with pole sleeves (left and top right), with grommets (bottom right), and untrimmed (not pictured, ideal for framing).  These banners are made of an outdoor vinyl that is very resilient while still presenting beautifully.  We believe that the bigger the image, the louder it speaks!

We are able to make banners as large as is necessary, if you would like a banner in a size larger than the sizes represented above, please call 618-980-0221 or email for pricing.

On orders with pole sleeves, rods are not included; they are depicted above for display purposes only.  
Pole sleeves will fit standard-size curtain rods available at any interior decorating outlet.