The Lion's Market

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Lion Market WM web.jpg

The Lion's Market

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James Nesbit-

On January 3, 2008 at the end of the time when Cindy Jacobs had been speaking, the Spirit of God began to move and the following declarations concerning the stock market were given.

As they were speaking I was seeing a piece of art forming in my mind’s eye. These words are what gave birth to this prophetic image, The Lion’s Market.

Joseph D. Askins-

I was down on Wall Street praying when I had a vision.  People were coming out the stock markets.  They were looking and saying, is it a bear market? Is it a bull market?  What is the market? 

We were watching and looking and all of a sudden, a dark like cloud shadow started to over shadow the bull. Is it a bull or a bear shadow?  Which one is it? All of a sudden as it over shadowed the entire bull, the outline is that of a lion's head.  What I heard the Lord say was, "I am going to come and get My Lion's share of this market because the gold is Mine, the silver is Mine, and those that begin to hear and know what I AM saying will know what to do in this hour.

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