Call to Worship

Call to worship WM web.jpg
Call to worship WM web.jpg

Call to Worship

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Worshipping the Creator of the Universe through the faith of His Son, and through the eternal victory of His blood represented in the foreground, these five dancers (five representing grace) arise to the call that resounds through the heavens to worship,  “He is worthy to receive all blessing and honor and glory and power.”

The sweet fragrance of their love and devotion releases an incense of glory and honor that rises to the King.

Their dance releases the light and the glory of the heavenly kingdom on earth; all of hell fears the sound of their victorious dance! Abandoned worship by souls unchained by the power of redeeming blood, souls who know who they are, moving with understanding in the fullness of purpose for which they were created.

The Universe is filled with sounds of extravagant worship, and every cell, tissue, and fiber of their being moves in honor of the Father of all.

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